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Benefits of Being on the NBA MVP List

Over the past decades, basketball has become one of the most favorite sports of most Americans as evidenced by the growing fans of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Thus, every year, one brilliant basketball player will be added to the long pile of NBA MVP list.

Across the world, millions of people love basketball, either as their choice of sports or a form of entertainment. In fact, it is considered as one of the most popular and well-loved sports of many people all throughout the world.

Top 10 MVPs in the History of NBA

Together with the undeniable popularity of basketball, there are still a lot of things that people all over the world should know about the sports. While most people have been using these terms for quite a long time but little do they know about the facts behind these concepts.

Every year in the NBA, or any other major basketball leagues in any country, the MVP award is the most highly-coveted award that any basketball player could every receive.

1990-2012 MVPs of NBA



While it is true that every basketball player aspires to get this award, the mere definition of “most valuable” is still a subject of debate on what really constitutes a “most valuable player”. Is it how the player works with the team or his entire demeanor all throughout the season?

But despite this confusion and ambiguity, one thing is very clear: being awarded as the MVP means a lot to the player and it will surely affect the player’s career very positively.

What’s at Stake

NBA MVPWinning the MVP and be included on the prestigious NBA MVP list is something that every basketball player aspires to achieve. But being included on the list per se is not the only motivation that players have in achieving high goals. In fact, there’s more to becoming the season’s MVP than being included in the long list of brilliant basketball players.

Aside from the instant fame that an MVP gets, there are other perks that go along with the award. Becoming an MVP is a very important achievement to leverage a player’s career. Winning the MVP at least a year is enough to increase a player’s worth.

Iconic NBA MVPs

For several decades that NBA confers the MVP award to outstanding players every season, some of those who got the same award left a mark to many people and made their individual legacy that people will never forget.

LeBron James (2011-12)

Probably one of the most prominent MVPs throughout NBA’s history is LeBron James. He is one of the few three-time winner Abdul-Jabaar, Michael Jordan, and Magic Johnson, among others.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

When it comes to the number of MVP awards, Abdul-Jabbar tops the list with six all throughout his career. Also, Abdul-Jabbar is also considered as one of the most remarkable icons of the NBA with his remarkable basketball skills that no other player up to this date can ever surpass.

Selection Criteria

Over the years, the process of selecting a season’s MVP has evolved. In fact, in 1980, members of the media from different NBA cities are the ones who select the MVP. It was only until 2010 when the basketball fans have the voice in selecting the next MVP.

During the selection process, which is done immediately after the season, the players’ standing in the playoffs doesn’t count. Of the 125 ballots that will decide who’s going to be the next MVP, only one of which comes from the public’s vote.

Can we Expect a Kansas City NBA Team Anytime Soon? 

Over the course of sports history in the country the Kansas City NBA team has a long-rooted passion for sports. Although Kansas’ team in the NBA today is not that aggressive as other leading teams such as the L.A Lakers or the Miami Heat, its team remains vibrant.

However, in a general sense, many sports experts claim that the team still needs major improvement in order to cope with the competition and to somehow be at par with other leading teams.

Historically, Kansas City has actually some vibrant sports teams, especially in basketball from 1970s-1980s in which the city’s NBA team—Kansas City Kings—has proved that it can compete with other teams in the league.

However, that glory years were short-lived considering the tightening competition as well as the expense it requires to maintain a team, which the city wasn’t able to sustain.

Professional Teams

KansasTeamTo show how this city value sports that much, they have in fact, five major professional sports league. However, of the five teams, only three of which have remained as of today.

But when it comes to basketball, the clamor for Kansas City NBA team still continues and people can expect more and more demand for a team to represent this vibrant city to the big league.


Rumors have it that there seems to be no chance that people can see a team representing their lovely city in the NBA anytime soon or at least for the next 10 years.

In a blog, a Kansas outsider said that probably one of the best and sensible solution to see a team from Kansas City to the NBA is to have a wealthy investor willing to finance the team all the way through the NBA. Until then, residents of Kansas can only wish for a miracle to happen and see wather they will see their team play in one of the world’s most prestigious basketball leagues.

Kobe Bryant Career Stats: Unbeliavable but True

By just basing on Kobe Bryant career stats and over-all game performance, this player is indeed a significant icon for NBA at least today. But there are more to Bryant than his game stats that made him as one of the most remarkable and brilliant NBA stars of all time.

With Bryant’s stint in the NBA over the past years, he has able to continually prove himself to be dubbed as one of NBA’s best players. But there more things that people need to know about Bryant other than his in-court performances.


Bryant was born on August 23, 1978 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Mr. & Mrs. Joe “Jellybean” Bryant. Her mother, Pamela Cox Bryant, is a housewife, while his father is a former head coach of Los Angeles Sparks who also played for Philadelphia 76ers.

With his father’s background and career as a professional basketball player as well as a head coach, the young Bryant’s love for basketball evidenced even in his young age. With this innate interest to play the game along with his father’s encouragement, Kobe soon realized that he has a talent in basketball.

Total Stats


Early Career

Unlike typical basketball players, who usually start in collegiate level, it was a bit different for Kobe. Instead, he immediately joined the NBA immediately after he finished high school.

Many people were amazed by the skills he has shown even when he was just starting in the NBA. Upon his entry in the NBA in 1996, he joined Charlotte Hornets, where Kobe’s former agent Arn Tellen saying that it’s almost impossible that he can even play for the same team, which he did anyway.

Aside from his unbelievable stint and entry to the NBA, Bryant also held several records for being the youngest in NBA in different area, tittles which he held for quite a while until much younger players broke those records.

Dwyane Wade vs Kobe Bryant: Who’s the Best 

Over the past seasons of NBA, basketball fans are fond of comparing two star players thus, the circulation of rumors about Dwyane Wade vs Kobe Bryant and who’s the best between the two.

We can’t actually blame these people who kept on comparing these two players for the past years for some reasons. First, they are both exceptional in terms of their basketball skills that they have managed to prove with their years in professional basketball.

 Dwyane Wade 

dwyaneWade or Dwyane Tyrone Wade, Jr. was born on January 17, 1982 is currently playing for the Miami Heat of NBA. Today, Wade is considered as one of the most promising players in the NBA with these exceptions and simply amazing skills in the ring.

In fact, with his popularity alone, he was able to help sell more jersey than any other NBA player has ever done. But his popularity among millions of basketball fans across the world is not only evident by the number of jerseys he has ever sold, but with the number of people who continually believed his prowess as a basketball player.

Kobe Bryant

kobeKobe Bean Bryant in real life, Kobe is also an iconic member of the NBA who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers. Unlike other prominent names in the NBA today and even in the past, Bryant did not start his basketball career in the collegiate level. Instead, he joined NBA directly after finishing his high school. Thus, he spent all his professional basketball career in the NBA.

In terms of recognition, Bryant has a good match with Dwyane with his 16-time All-star title along with other titles and recognitions that only few NBA players have managed to attain in the professional level.

With the two players’ individual track-records and undeniable skills, we can only expect more people comparing them with their Dwyane Wade vs Kobe Bryant rant.

Basketball Player Punches Ref: An Issue that Need Attention

As a basketball fan, probably one of the most remarkable sights inside the court is to see a basketball player punches ref. That sounds quite interesting right? But if you’re on the receiving end of the punch, which can be very awkward let alone the physical pain that comes with the punch.

punchOn a serious note, punching someone, whether it’s a referee or any person who doesn’t deserve a punch is way unacceptable. Even if you’re in a heated argument or discussion, let’s the case of a referee and a player, no one deserves to be punched at all. End of discussion.

So you ask why there are some people who still choose to punch somebody without even clear and acceptable justification? Well, psychologists can tell us something about this scenario and in most cases, it has something to do with a person’s temperament and in some cases, reflects psychological condition.

In fact, at times, an individual who’s been hitting another person, which includes referees, on a regular basis may suggest that the person is experiencing psychological struggles.

Resulted to Death

There are actually cases of basketball player punches ref that resulted in death. Although this death incident doesn’t directly involve basketball player, this only goes to show that violence in the field must be considered as a major concern that needs immediate attention.

The incident involves a 46-year-old Utah referee Ricardo Portillo, who died just recently after a goalie punched him on his head with a piercing force. The issue stemmed from the victim’s issuance of a yellow card to the suspect, who was later referred to juvenile center.

The incident happened in a recreational game that’s supposed to be just a friendly game that resulted in a tragedy. An incident like this is a plain reminder that aggressive behavior does nothing good to anyone or to the community for that matter.

NBA Expansion Teams: What About it?  

Within the basketball circle, there are a lot of terminologies that can sometimes confuse its fans. For example, although many people have probably heard about NBA expansion teams, only a few people actually knew about this jargon.

So for the purpose of orienting basketball fans as well as non-basketball fans about this terminology, let’s take this opportunity to take a quick look on what really are expansion teams and how this concept affects our understanding our basketball in general.

NBA 2013-2014 Development Map


In the context of sports league, an expansion team is actually a new team from a state or city that hasn’t hosted the same league ever. Or, that particular city has no team to that particular league. In the case of NBA, if a certain city hasn’t participated or sent a team to NBA ever since, and if NBA suddenly opens its doors to that particular city, then that city’s team will form part of NBA expansion teams.

The term actually originated in North American basketball leagues, such that of the NBS, which also currently is used in different leagues across the world. To simply put it, it means a league’s expansion to a new city.

Possible Reasons

Today, there are plenty of reasons of expansion teams. First is the population growth of a certain locality. If the population of a particular city increases, the number of people who will support that sports also increases.

With the increase of population is the community’s growing interest in different things, which includes participation in various sports. The change in a certain city’s demographic will also means that there’s a heightened support for the expansion team.

Bringing in expansion teams is a very strategic move of any sporting league for many reasons. For one, it’s a great opportunity of the league to bring in new bloods to the table as well to extend its reach to more communities then to more people.

What’s the Truth About Ray Allen Height

Many people, especially those die-hard basketball fans, are actually intrigued and interested about the real Ray Allen height. For some reasons, Allen’s height has been a hot topic in social media over the past years.

Many critics actually attributed the basketball skills of Allen to his towering height at 6′ 5″ (1.96 m). But many basketball experts argued that Allen’s basketball prowess is not dependently largely on his astonishing height.


reyallenAllen, a former University of Connecticut player (1993-1996) was born in California to an Air Force father and a housewife mother. He spent most of his childhood years in different places due to the nature of his father’s job in the Air Force.

According to some reports, about Allen, he developed his interest in basketball while he was a young boy playing with his peers. Later he realized that he has special skills in basketball that’s more than the street level.

His first exposure to mainstream basketball when he was recruited to play for the UConn after the team’s assistant coach Karl Hobbs invited him. He then continued playing with the team for the next three years.

NBA Career

After his stint in the collegiate basketball arena, he played for different teams in the NBA including Minnesota Timberwolves, Milwaukee Bucks, Seattle SuperSonics, Boston Celtics, and his present team, the Miami Heats.

Since 1996 up to the present, Allen has proved his worth as an NBA asset. In fact, Ray Allen height is not the only thing that makes this player a remarkable one. For almost 20 years in the NBA, he has earned several citations and awards for his exemplary performance as a player and his remarkable basketball skills that no other newcomer has ever surpassed yet.

Quite obviously, Allen is indeed an astonishing and brilliant player with a big heart to his craft. He has and continues to prove his worth as a genuine NBA legend.

Tom Izzo Salary: NCAA’s 4th Highest

So you’re curious about Tom Izzo salary. No one can blame you for that, especially since Tom is indeed a very controversial NCAA coach in and out of the ring. But other that his basketball coaching skills, there are other things that interest people about Tom.

In fact, records from the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) showed that Tom of the Michigan State University (MSU) is the fourth highest-paid NCAA coaches today.

tom izzoThe reports continued that Tom has a recorded total pay of jaw-dropping $3,745,769. This does not include his maximum bonus amounting to $350,000.

What’s even more surprising? The data provided by the NCAA is only for the previous year so you do the math.

Leading on the list is Duke’s head coach Mike Krzyzewski with an estimated total pay of $7,233,976. Krzyzewski’s maximum bonus is not available as of this writing.

Meanwhile, Louisville’s Rick Pitino occupied the second spot with a total pay of $4,973,343 and a maximum bonus amounting to $725,000. On the third spot is Kansas State University’s head coach Bill Self with his total take home pay of $4,960,763 and a maximum that could go as high as $525,000.

Third-best coach

Not only has Tom is known for his jaw-dropping salary, but also for his undeniable skills as a collegiate coach. To support this claim, no less than a prominent sports news agency ESPN has dubbed tom as the country’s third best coach of today.

Curious as to why Tom got this title? According to ESPN, under Izzo’s watch, MSU’s basketball program has dramatically improved. With just a little time spent with the team, Izzo was able to bring out the best in the team and helped elevate the status of the team from being an underdog for several decades to being one of the most competitive teams in the NCAA since the late 1990s.

Until now, people remember his not because of the things such as Tom Izzo salary, which is by the way indeed amazing, but he has proved his worth to be considered as one of the best coaches at the collegiate level across the country.

The Truth Behind the Paul Pierce and Lebron James Fight

Just a few months ago, a “news” broke out about Lebron James fight against Paul Pierce after a very tight Game 4. But after official reports from Miami Heat has been announced, it turned out that the news was a hoax.

Lebron Fight [Video]

It can’t be denied that news like this, which involves high-profile and prominent basketball personalities would proliferate on the Internet and being passed on from one person to another.

Since it involves famous basketball icons from NBA at that, no wonder many “clicks hungry” bloggers would take advantage of this event and make up stories out of it. So apparently, it turns out that the objective of the blogger actually yielded positive result as it shows that many NBA fans have read the article.

Where the Story Originates

During the Game 4 at the Barclays Center, rumors have it that the two players embroiled into a fistfight in the players’ tunnel. However, based on some observations from different sources who have personally watched the game until the end, it appears that the two players exited in the opposite sides of the players’ tunnel, which would suggest that there’s no chance that the two met in one place as the hoax article have indicated it.

 Heat Coach’s Comment

Immediately after the alleged news about the fistfight broke out, Heat’s head coach Spoelstra said that the incident did not happen. The alleged Pierce and Lebron James fight will remain a rumor sans official announcements from both parties and direct evidence of the incident.

Whether or not the rumor is actually true or not, it’s up to the fans to decide if the two really did fight. And if they really do, what good does the news make in the life of NBA fans? Does it decrease their love toward the entire institution or reduces their respect for the two parties involved?

NBA Rumor: Kobe Bryant Overrated Player

Have you heard about some comments from different sources about Kobe Bryant overrated related stories? Well, we can’t blame these people for thinking like that about Bryant. Since not only one is saying about this towards Bryant, it only suggests that chances are, he is indeed an overrated NBA player after all.

Coming from different people would mean that there is something with Bryant that made them think that way. So in this article, let’s examine what are the possible reasons that make Bryant not deserving of the current recognition he’s getting.

Not at his Best Now

Kobe Bryant overrated2For some observers, Bryant is no longer at his best when it comes to his performance today as compared to his performances years before. To those who have been following Lakers over the past years, the difference between Bryant’s current performances in the ring has significantly diminished.

Was it because of the attention and all the admiration that he’s getting? We can only assume. But whether all those admirations and attention have gotten in the way of Bryant to perform well in his games is still a subject of debate.

Is He That Important?

To those who claim that Bryant is one of the clear examples of an overrated NBA star, the notion that Bryant as not a determining factor to Laker’s successes is not new. It’s pretty obvious to hear Kobe Bryant overrated themed reports noting that Bryant is not that big mover when it comes to the recent successes of the team.

You have to remember that there were several brilliant players of Lakers, that made an enormous contribution to the glory of the team over the past years. Thus, it’s only fair somehow to not attribute the team’s success to one person. Since a team’s success is a fruit of the entire team’s collective effort and hardwork, somehow it’s easy to think that Bryant is indeed not a determining factor to the team’s overwhelming success.

Crazy Facts About the Epic Sam Cassell Dance

Last year, fans of NBA probably have heard about Sam Cassell Dance that gone viral on various networking sites. But despite its undeniable popularity, many remain clueless about the video and as to why it became very popular.

So if you’re one of those who are curios about this dance, then you’re just one of the million NBA fans who are dying to know where this dance originated. Cassell patented the Sam Cassell Dance when they played against the Chicago Bulls.

Sam Cassell’s Epic Dance

The dance obviously mimics a guy with big scrotum, as an indirect insult to their tight opponent—Chicago bulls. But despite of this obvious motivation behind Cassell behind this dance craze, Cassell himself in some instances denied that the dance was intended to malign the Bulls.

Recent Mimicking

Jameer NelsonJust about time that basketball fans are about to forget everything about this dance, another NBA player, this time Orlando Magic’s guard Jameer Nelson did the same dance move during their game against the Bulls earlier this year.

Many thought that Nelson’s dance was indeed insulting and inappropriate as an NBA player. In fact, the NBA fined Nelson $15,000. The NBA also ruled that Nelson’s dance, which was obviously inspired by Cassell’s earlier dance, as “obscene”.

Magic lost to the Bulls in the same game.

Questions About the Fine

While Cassell was able to get away with the consequences of showing his original and epic dance move back then, that was not the exact same case with Nelson. Thus, many questioned the NBA’s decision to sanction Nelson for doing the epic dance moves.

But despite the questions and opposition towards the NBA decision, at the end of the day, the board’s decision remained unfazed.

All of these only prove that Cassell’s epic and sensational dance move is indeed popular that his fellow NBA player is willing to risk his career in pulling off that moment just to show his disgust.