Benefits of Being on the NBA MVP List

Over the past decades, basketball has become one of the most favorite sports of most Americans as evidenced by the growing fans of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Thus, every year, one brilliant basketball player will be added to the long pile of NBA MVP list. Across the world, millions of people love basketball, eitherRead More

NBA Expansion Teams: What About it?  

Within the basketball circle, there are a lot of terminologies that can sometimes confuse its fans. For example, although many people have probably heard about NBA expansion teams, only a few people actually knew about this jargon. So for the purpose of orienting basketball fans as well as non-basketball fans about this terminology, let’s takeRead More

What’s the Truth About Ray Allen Height

Many people, especially those die-hard basketball fans, are actually intrigued and interested about the real Ray Allen height. For some reasons, Allen’s height has been a hot topic in social media over the past years. Many critics actually attributed the basketball skills of Allen to his towering height at 6′ 5″ (1.96 m). But manyRead More

Tom Izzo Salary: NCAA’s 4th Highest

So you’re curious about Tom Izzo salary. No one can blame you for that, especially since Tom is indeed a very controversial NCAA coach in and out of the ring. But other that his basketball coaching skills, there are other things that interest people about Tom. In fact, records from the National Collegiate Athletic AssociationRead More

NBA Rumor: Kobe Bryant Overrated Player

Have you heard about some comments from different sources about Kobe Bryant overrated related stories? Well, we can’t blame these people for thinking like that about Bryant. Since not only one is saying about this towards Bryant, it only suggests that chances are, he is indeed an overrated NBA player after all. Coming from differentRead More